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Dance with Command

  1. q: open command window when normal mode, you can edit history of command or re-reun it while press <CR>
  2. <c-f> open command window when command mode
  3. If you need copy current word under cursor when command mode, press <c-r><c-w>. <c-r><c-a> for whole WORD
  4. Consider below situation:

    You want to replace something with regex, but you may need construct regex many times, and then use :s/regex/replace/g

    Here is solution:

    1. Use /regex1 to match and see the result
    2. The result is not what I want, change it with /regex2
    3. You can use q/ to find command history, repeat step 2-3 until perfect match
    4. :%s//replace/g. if pattern is omit it will use last match.

Insert datetime

`strftime("%Y%m%d", localtime())`  # Notice anti-quote

Code snippets


Date shorthand

snippet dt "date YYYY-mm-dd"

Add balance

This will add a balance for an account and auto pad it.

snippet bal
    ${9:`strftime("%Y", localtime()-86400)`}-${8:`strftime("%m", localtime()-86400)`}-${7:`strftime("%d", localtime()-86400)`} pad $2 ${3:Equity:Opening-Balances}
    ${6:`strftime("%Y")`}-${5:`strftime("%m")`}-${4:`strftime("%d")`} balance ${2:Assets:Cash}               ${1} CNY

Add note

snippet note
    ${9:`strftime("%Y")`}-${8:`strftime("%m")`}-${7:`strftime("%d")`} note ${3:Assets:Cash} "${1} ${2} CNY"

Add query

snippet query
    ${9:`strftime("%Y")`}-${8:`strftime("%m")`}-${7:`strftime("%d")`} query "${1}" "
                SELECT ${2} WHERE ${3}

General transaction

snippet new
    ${7:`strftime("%Y")`}-${6:`strftime("%m")`}-${5:`strftime("%d")`} * "${1}"
                ${2:Assets:Cash}            -${3} CNY

House rent

This records house rent monthly.

snippet house "house rent"
    ${8:`strftime("%Y")`}-${7:`strftime("%m")`}-${6:`strftime("%d")`} * "House rent ${9:`strftime("%Y/%m", localtime()-86400*30)`}"
                Assets:Alipay:YuE                       -3000 CNY

Car installment

This records a car installment and you can record this is which period. You need replace $Bank to your bank.

snippet car "car installment"
    ${4:`strftime("%Y")`}-${3:`strftime("%m")`}-${2:`strftime("%d")`} * "Car amortization ${1}/24"
                Liabilities:$Bank:CreditCard         -2000.00 CNY


This is my salary template, it including social insurance and income tax,
you need change $Company to your company name and $Bank as same. Vacation is your loss because personal leave.

snippet sal "salary"
    ${8:`strftime("%Y", localtime()-86400)`}-${7:`strftime("%m", localtime()-86400)`}-${6:`strftime("%d", localtime()-86400)`} * "${9:`strftime("%Y/%m", localtime()-86400*30)`} salary"
                Income:$Company:Salary              -${1:10000} CNY
                Expenses:Government:SocialInsurance ${2} CNY
                Expenses:Government:HouseFund       ${3} CNY
                Expenses:Government:IncomeTax       ${4} CNY
                Expenses:$Company:Vacation          ${5:0} CNY